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About Us

Free4Ever Now! International, Inc. is a Christian Faith Based Ministry Organization that Goes Out int all the world helping others (who want our help) Live Out a life of FREEDOM everyday, through The Love Of Christ In Us.

We are a diverse, purpose missions focused community of local and national individuals,  who “GO Out” serving and living the love and care of Christ toward the people around us every day. We help people overcome everyday life challenges and life transitions that cause them to feel stuck, unable to move forward in their everyday lives.

Our Passion and Mission is

To Demonstrate The Love of Jesus Christ by how we serve and care for people without being preachy or demanding so that everyone will know that they’ve been served by Jesus Christ.We simply give what God has given us, which is freedom to live, move and enjoy life everyday.

We have a God’s Grace with “No Walls” Approach to How We Serve People, Families and Communities, Passionately and Authentically


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Begin by completing the “get in touch” online form with a selected subject.  You will be contacted as soon as we can for an appointment to meet face to face, in person locally or video chat.  “No Walls”


Meet at Appointment for more detailed discussion.  If you can’t make a scheduled appointment, please let us know beforehand and we will make every attempt to reschedule with you

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Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible