Your Giving Is For The Purpose of Transforming Lives and Communities

All Giving Should be on Purpose for a Purpose

Transformation in the lives of people and communities begins at the people and community level.

Praise The Lord, and Welcome to our Giving Opportuntites Page.

At Free4Ever Now! International, we connect with you as Champions; F4E Partnering Champions who have ade a personal decision to make a difference in the lives everyday people just as we do. 

Because we are a “No Walls” Ministry Organization, When YOU become a Partnering Champion with us, YOU IMMEDIATELY become come a part of our Free4Ever Now! Team and Knock Down More Walls With Us.  

We have the capacity to Go Out where you may not be able to and We LOVE the grave a ability to be able to do it and we genuinely Love people we serve.

We ask you to prayerful consider becoming a F4E Now Partnering Champion.

Prayerfully Consider Becoming

A F4E Now Partnering Champion

Financial Champion

Financial Champions are the backbone of any non-proifit organizational work.  Your finacial donations support the work of the mission by helping us keep the lights on and support the maintenence of the  “No Walls” technological platforms that remove distance barriers in addition to supporting the people and communities that we phyically go out to serve in local communities without requiring them to come to us to be served.

Our “No Walls” approach to serving people and communities requires us to serve both; within our local communities and outside of our locations.

“We GO Outside the Walls of our church to serve others”

Volunteers and Interns

Volumteers and Internship Champions support the mission through Time and Talent Giving of

Goods and/or Services


 Cash Equivalents,  and/or

Location Space to work from

Our Goal this year is to launch a Youth Equipping Academy

Time Champion

Time Champions are givers who have a desire to share of their time in support of the mission.  Time Champions serve from all over the U.S. as our “No Walls” approach to serving reaches both local and distance Time Champions.  Those seeking to Give or Give Back through Volunteerism:

on specific projects and events, to build career skills and resumes

needing a platform to exercise new skills,

And other ideas you may have

Internships (Coming Soon)

Professional and Social Enterprise Partners

You can also donate through our Business Partners.  Each Partner Donates a minimum of 10% of monthly profits to Free4Ever Now! International.  These donations will increase annually as the businesses grow annually.

Become A F4E Now! Giving Champion:

Free4Ever Now! International, Inc., is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Your generosity enables us to GO and DO the “Mission Focused” work that we need to do to transform the lives, families and communities of people that we are  quipped with the ability to serve. Our mission is to Equip others to live life as they are created to.  Additionally, we bring Hope, Empowerment and Life with ongoing support to the hopeless, hurting, dis-empowered and under-served, individuals, families and communities that many people see but pass by everyday.