Our Free4Ever Now! Social Enterprise Partners

Free4Ever Now! (F4E Now) has created a platform for  multiple social enterprise giving opportunities.

These are business and professional companies that support our various ministry works by providing; financial, servicing, or training partnership to us either by a Minimum of 10% Profit Financial Support, In-Kind, Pro-Bono and Volunteer support.  When You utilize these services we receive an automatic giving that helps transform the lives of those we serve.

Thank in advanced for Your support

Pay It Forward Individual, Family and Community Heartbeat for Community and Economic Development

The partnerships and collaborations are designed to provide service availability to everyone we come into contact with


NWNW Media Pros

Domains, WebHosting, Email, Print and Social Media Services, Website Building on Your Budget.  Helping You To Get Your Message Out.

FreedomGuide Coach & Consult

Professional Coaching, Consulting and Training Services that help You Move Forward in Your Life, Relationships, Education, Career and Small Business Ventures

Perfect Gifts Now!

Our Very Own Social Enterprise Online Store.  Health and Healing Products for the inside and out.  The best products on the market specific for your life and health, everyday.

Pay It Forward

Become a professional or Social Enterprise Partner that Transforms the lives of People and Communities with us.

Become The Change You Want To See